Part Number CLAA090JB02CW
Display Size 9
Display Resolution
Solar Technologies is a leading global supplier specializing in Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display (TFT-LCD) products, including the CPT CLAA090JB02CW. We are focused on delivering the highest level of quality service to assist you with your immediate and long term display requirement. We offer you the benefits of our global network of resources and trusted supply chain vendors that have been developed from our long-standing business relationships with some of the largest OEM, CEM, EMS and distribution channels.

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General Information of CPT CLAA090JB02CW
Part NumberCLAA090JB02CW
Panel Size9 inches
Panel TypeTFT
Specific FeatureAntiglare Sureface
U/D,L/R Reverse
Wide Temprature
Wide Aspect Ratio
Michanical Information of CPT CLAA090JB02CW
Weight in gram300g (Typ.)
Active Area202.56×105.27 mm (W×H)
Aspect Ratio17:9 (W:H)
Pixel Pitch0.3166×0.4785 mm (W×H)
Pixel ConfigurationRGB Vertical Stripe
Optical Information of CPT CLAA090JB02CW
Contrast Ratio350 : 1 (Typ.) (Transmissive)
Viewing Angle60/60/50/60 (Typ.)(CR=10) (L/R/U/D)
Response Time30 (Typ.)(Tr+Td) (ms)
White Variation1.25/1.43 (Typ./max.)(9 points)
Luminance Variation = Maximum / Minimum
Optical Information of CPT CLAA090JB02CW
Total Power Consumption4.2W (Typ.)
Backlight(Lamp) Information of CPT CLAA090JB02CW
Lamp Current5.5/6/6.5mA (Min./Typ./Max.)
Lamp PositionEdge light type
Lamp Voltage617/685/754V (Min./Typ./Max.)
Signal Information of CPT CLAA090JB02CW
Interface TypeConnector
Input Current for Panel2.5/9/0.12/0.45mA (Typ.)(ICC/IDD/IGH/IGL)
Interface BrandJST
Interface ModelBHSR-02VS-1
Pin ConfigurationBLL-2PINS-HL
H:Higt Voltage
N:No connection
L:Low Voltage
Signal ClassTFT Specific Analog RGB
Package Information of CPT CLAA090JB02CW
Misc. Information of CPT CLAA090JB02CW